Bijiang District Civil Affairs Bureau "three songs" help rural villages

Since 2021, the Bijiang District Civil Affairs Bureau has strictly followed the "three" three focus "and" six stable "" six guarantees "work requirements," ""Rescue + Governance + Service "Working Mode, which is fully committed to pushing rural resolution.

First, play the "Pocket Safe", on the basis of maintaining the overall stability of social assistance, strengthening the dynamic monitoring of low-income people, and doing should be saved, should save the saving, should take a pocket.One is to achieve the guarantee policy continuation.

For the increasing rigid expenditures such as poor families due to disability, sick, non-confidential education stages, as well as employment costs such as employment entrepreneurship, communication fees, accommodation fees, etc.For all-in-one, unin-warranty, the disabled personnel and severely ill patients in low-income families, in accordance with the "single household" into urban and rural balance.

The second is to achieve dynamic monitoring of poor people.

For the city’s low insurance, rural low insurance, specialty support, the sixty-year retreat, or no one, and the elderly subsidy, etc. Population adds to low security, special difficult personnel to help support or temporary rescue coverage, ensuring that the protection of "no one can not leak one household, no one person".

In-month and rural revitalization bureau, the medical insurance bureau to carry out information comparison, timely update and improve the margin and monitoring household management accounts, and to ensure that all the guarantees are all incorporated into the scope of protection, ensuring that the social pocket policy is in place. The third is to achieve a consolidation of poverty reduction. Taking the annual low-warranty verification as an opportunity to carry out the protection of the large-scale investigation, through the joint information comparison, hostelings, etc. And the proposed object is investigated to ensure that "should be guaranteed, should be retired".

Temporary assistance is auxiliary, timely complement of difficult short board. Give full play to the village cadres and knots to help the support, understand, master the people in the jurisdiction, especially the life of the poverty, low-cost objects, and special difficult personnel, and do early report early rescue; Temporary rescue spare gold system, achieving the reserve of each township (town, street) is not less than 50,000 yuan, ensuring efficient and timely timely assistance. Second, play the "Community Governance", on the basis of continuously carrying out the villagers’ autonomy, strengthen the villages of the village, and effectively improve the ability of community governance and governance.

First, the village regulations will "walk" new pilot. Focusing on the village revitalizing "1234567" work, combined with the functional responsibility of the civil affairs department, the implementation of the "2021 Village Civil Convention and Resident Convention" is issued, in order to better promote the approximate work of the village, establish a leading group of rural resulinage work, In-depth investment in 12 integrated demonstration villages (community) to conduct a revision of village regulations.

The Bijiang District Civil Affairs Bureau and the township (town, street) repeatedly scrutinized, and several times for opinions, and finally determined the overall architecture of the village population, that is, the village population is divided into two parts: general and specific rules, and the rules according to the general rules Requirements to refine.

At present, there are 16 villages (communities) in the district, named the Provincial Civil Affairs Department as the province of provincial villages. Second, the village citizen is about "biography" good voice.

Through the education, moral lecture hall, post leaflet, calendar, pictorial, production show, cultural wall, and cultural walls, the military rod, the square dance is taken to entrunly enter the school, enter the family, enter the village, and gradually go deep into the heart.

For example: Changping Village, Dam Huang Town takes a piercing lamp, and sing the content of the village’s conventions in the form of a seven-character light song, so that the masses keep in mind. The third is that the village will be "about" good atmosphere.

Innovation execution method, combined with the actual development of persuasion, criticism, material reward, and collective economic revenue distribution links, etc. Introduce the village, the village is within the heart, externalization, and enhance the level of social governance in urban and rural areas and the degree of civilization. Such as: Lighthouse Street, the community, easy to relocate the residents Yang Mou, because of the relocation of rural areas, there is some bad habits, casual high-altitude parabolic, pile of garbage debris, use the resident convention through the residents to criticize it After the education, there has not been similar situations, and the garbage in the corridor is not there; the village of Langcun, Yunfang Town Road, and the villagers Yang Moumou, his father is not over 80 years old, illegal to do wine, after criticism, The village did not have a Japanese catering. Third, play the "Social Service", on the basis of continuously carrying out subsequent guarantees of Easy Poverty Alleviation, strengthen the construction of social service system, and earnestly enhance the sense of gain, happiness. First, realize social services.

Since 2020, the Bijiang District Civil Affairs Bureau has supported the "five systems" construction around the deepening of easy-to-place, with the "New Citizens Chasing the Dreambridge" project and created the "Si’an Home" as an opportunity to serve the social worker. Continuously integrate community housing resources, successively strive for 860,000 yuan for provinces and citizenship projects, built a dwarf, take angle rushing, just light, Baiyanxi Easy to relocate community elderly day care centers and children’s homes.

In 2021, by striving for civil affairs Fucai Public Welfare and "Yidong Paradise" project, a total of more than 49 million yuan, building a small day care center and children’s home service position in Qiantang Longyi Literary Community and Children’s Home Service Position; The service project is landed in the Lighthouse Street, and passed the online conference in the "Warlord" "Warm" "in the Patho Community. Second, there are people who have achieved social services. Through the centralized bidding of the Provincial Civil Affairs Department, Tongren City Source Social Work Service Center, Tongren City Sunshine Volunteer Association, Xiyanxi Community, Bijiang District, Lighthouse Street, is located, and the corner of the community, Xiangtang Long Community is easy to relocate the service area service Adult. By purchasing the "Sunshine Hirning Miao" project by purchasing Tongren City, the "Sunshine Hirning" project is implemented, helping the Genuine Street Beacon, the healthy growth of minors in Zhengguang Community, and the protection of service work. In October 2021, the first knot of Nancheng Group in Dongguan City, 3 social cooperation and purchase of 2 social workers in our district, Xiangtang Long Community in Bijiang District, took the corner of the community, and Xiangtang Long Community launched minor professional Serve.

The third is to achieve social services. Take the "Social Work + Volunteer" mode, carry out "community participation, community integration" service activities, organize elderly children to carry out dining, singing, chess, handmade, national culture, psychological comfort, learning, helping to relocate the community an old realization Integrate into the community, participate in the new civic development goals of the community.

Carry out health clinic, legal preaching, and interest development through social workers link resources. Through the venting energy, psychological counseling, relationship, etc. (Bijiang Civil Affairs) Source: (Editor: Gu Lanyun, Chen Kangqing) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.