Building a new development pattern must handle a number of major relations

Original title: Constructing a new development pattern requires a number of major secretary of Xi Jinping, General Secretary Xi Jinping, emphasized that when he hosted the central government to deepen the reform committee twenty-first meeting, to promote the new development pattern, promote high quality development, promote common prosperity strategy Departure, promoting a market environment that forms a fair competition, and creates a wide development space for all kinds of market entities, especially SMEs, and better protect consumer rights.

  Building a new development pattern is to grasp the strategic layout of future development initiatives and first chess, which is a major historical task to promote completion, and is also a major measures to implement new development philosophy.

  Building a new development pattern, we must adhere to and use system thinking, dialectical thinking, bottom line thinking, especially dialectical treatment, etc., in order to achieve higher quality, more efficient, more fair, more sustainable, and safer Skating the basis of prison and practice.

  It is necessary to coordinate the two major overalls of domestic and international internationalities, to deal with the relationship between domestic circles and domestic international dual cycles, is an inevitable requirement for the promotion of sustainable and healthy development.

  Build a new development pattern, strengthen the leading role of domestic circulation in dual cycling.

Strengthen domestic "basic disk" support, fully stabilize the domestic economy system, accelerate the construction of the national unified market, and promote the construction of high-standard market system, with this to strengthen the world’s high-end elements to gather, thus improved my country The quality and configuration of production factors and the configuration of China are shaped my country’s participation in international cooperation and competition, and continues to enhance the influence and discussing rights on new chains in the global industry chain supply chain.

  Building a new development pattern is an open domestic international dual cycle, not a closed domestic single cycle. Build a new development pattern, but also pay more attention to enhance domestic circulatory efficiency and level in international circulation.

With a high level of opening up to the outside world, the key is to steadily expand the development of rules, regulations, management, standards, etc., and consolidate the opening of goods, services, funds, talents, etc., enhance export products and service competition force. Based on the new development stage, complete and accurate and fully implement the new development concept, build a new development pattern, promote high-quality development, and science and technology self-supporting strategic support. Science and technology self-interested and open cooperation are dialectical and unified relationships.

Under the conditions of globalization, informationization, networked, innovative elements are more open, liquid, and cannot close the door to create new.

It is necessary to adhere to the combination of "introduction" and "go out", actively integrate into the global innovation network, and comprehensively improve the international cooperation level of my country’s scientific and technological innovation. It is not only promoting high quality "introduction" and high level "walking", to create more open, more tough industrial chain supply chain, but also adhere to open innovation and independent innovation, actively introduce technology and foreign capital, and improve science and technology self-improvement ability.

  It must be taken into account the improvement and fair relationship to accurately grasp the new development stage, and in-depth implementation of the new development concept, accelerate the construction of new development, to always meet the new expectations of the people to the beautiful life as the development point and the foothold, in the process of achieving the process of modernization Constantly, step-by-step solutions.

  After completing a well-off society in an all-round way, we have more cost-effective, more conditional to solve the unbalanced unbalanced incompatibility problem, and optimize the income distribution pattern "Pieces Cake" by promoting the "big cake" of high quality development. Optimize allocation structures, develop and grow medium income groups, which is conducive to enhancement of high-quality development of endogenous motivation, and is a key link in the universal national economic cycle.

It is necessary to adhere to the distribution of labor as the main body, and the various distribution methods are coexist, and the proportion of labor remuneration in the initial distribution is solid, and the common prosperity is strong, and the people are constantly enhanced, and the sense of happiness is safe. Common wealth is not an averageism, and it is necessary to promote common prosperity in phases.

It is also necessary to recognize that the common prosperity is the richness of all people, and it is a rich matter of the people’s material life and spiritual life. It is not a few people’s wealth, so it is necessary to take care of efficiency and fairness, especially in the process of redistribution, further increase The main tax, social security, transfer payment, etc., solidly promote basic public services, and continue to enhance the feelings and satisfaction of the broad masses of the people. It is necessary to handle the relationship between good vitality and order, the high standard market system for unified openness, order, order, system is complete, and the improvement of improved high-quality development, the cornerstone of high quality development and construct a new development pattern.

Through the improvement of the market basic system, create a fair competitive environment, improve market supervision, etc., through production, distribution, circulation, consumption, and build a national unified market, will provide support for the construction of new development patterns. Adhere to and improve the basic economic system of the socialist, and give full play to the decisive role of the market in resource allocation and better play the role of government, and promote the effective market and have a better combination of the government. This requires accelerating the construction of a high standard market system, and more support and services for the market entities, but also make macro governance and government supervision more in place.

Do not shake and develop public ownership economy, do not shake, support, guide non-public economic development, strengthen property rights and intellectual property protection, promote and stimulate entrepreneurial spirit, guide the establishment of stable and good expectations, thus continuous release through market configuration resources Innovative entrepreneurial vitality and development potential of the majority of market subjects.

  "Take a stay" is "put". It is necessary to actively respond to the concern of people’s livelihood, and dispose of the masses and enterprises with strong problems and seedlings.

Strengthen platform antitrust and anti-unfair competition, prevent capital disorderly expansion, is to create a more fair market competition environment and elements resources for various market entities, especially for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises to create better development growth space, Thus, the micro-cornerstone of high quality development is built. Building a new development pattern is the main body of domestic circulation based on the national unified market, not everywhere.

To deal with the relationship between the central and localities, the "small bureau" in various regions, small bureaus must obey the national unified market, smooth the "overall situation" of the national circulation, and to stimulate local reform and innovation, find itself In the construction of the advantages and location in the new development pattern, to speed up the construction of new development patterns.

  The relationship between development and safety must construct a new development pattern. It is a major decision made by the Party Central Committee of Comrade Xi Jinping as the core according to my country’s development stage, environment, conditional changes, especially based on my country’s comparative advantage, and trial time. The current international environmental instability uncertain increases significantly, and the new challenges have emerged. Accelerate the construction of a new development pattern, it is to have a variety of foreseeable and unpredictable wind storms, amazing winds, enhance our survivability, competitiveness, development force, and continuous efforts to ensure that the great revival process of the Chinese nation is not hysteresis even interrupted.

Therefore, the relationship between cooperative development and security is particularly important.

  Development is a safe guarantee, which is the basis and key to solve all problems in my country. A new journey of building a socialist modern country, cracking outstanding contradictions and issues, preventing all kinds of risk hidden dangers, promoting people’s comprehensive development, and returning to the end.

Only in promoting high quality development can continue to meet the growing needs of the people, constantly enhance my country’s economic strength, scientific strength, comprehensive national strength, providing a more solid foundation and conditions for achieving higher levels of higher levels.

  Safety is the premise of development, no security and stability, everything is not talking. With the contrast adjustment of international strength and the major contradictions in the domestic society, the internal and external risks of my country’s development have risen. We must be good at using development results to consolidate the strength of national security, and must be good at shaping the safety of high quality development. environment.

Therefore, we must adhere to the overall national security concept and strive to put safety development throughout the fields and the whole process of economic and social development. In particular, it is necessary to stabilize the macroeconomic operation in a reasonable range, ensuring safety, maintenance of industrial chain supply chain, and strengthen public health safety and ecological environment safety, ensuring that systematic risks affecting the process of modernization.

  In the new stage of development, the relationship between coordinating and security is to protect fair competition, protect consumer interests, and better serve the construction of new development, which also created a good development environment for the majority of SMEs.

  Looking forward to 2035, we will basically achieve socialist modernization.

Chinese style modernization is a huge modernization of population. It is a modernization of all people and is a modernization of material civilization and spiritual civilization. As a socialist country that has a large number of people and has a large market scale, China will inevitably bear the severe challenges and stressions that are not encountered in other countries, and we must prepare for it, constantly Forward. (The author is the Director of the Comprehensive Situation Department of China Macroeconomics Research Institute (Editor: Zhou Yuting, Jiao Long) Sharing Let more people see the client download.