Deep integration is not full

Original title: Deep integration does not break the end of the media blending in the context of the media, break through the boundaries between traditional broadcasts, TV stations, newspapers, magazines, and emerging media, etc., their creation, propaganda, communication channels, interest sharing, etc.The resource integration is carried out to realize the high quality dissemination effect of resources in the new and old media.

At the same time, the construction and development of the micro-media also brings copyright protection new challenges and problems. Observe and analyze the operation mode of the media, it can be found that its contents mainly include: First, the original content product.

That is, integrate and utilize various resources, production and production of content products, and use the characteristics of different media platforms and the need for secondary processing, and then spread through radio and television, PC, client, official Weibo and WeChat public account. , Becoming a media news. The second is the content product produced by the individual users. With the in-depth development of the media, more and more personal users began to intervene in content production, UGC (user production content) became new productivity in the construction of media construction.

The third is "brought to theism". The integration of "reporting, net, micro, end" in the media is increased, and the production of content in the media fusion background requires higher cost support, which leads to some media alone to meet the needs, Have to use third party content. The development of integration is difficult in which the development of information technology has caused changes in content propagation and the convergence of traditional media, but it also brings many problems and challenges for copyright protection.

First, the property is demonstrated. The content products produced under media fusion are complex and diverse, such as short video, H5, VR video, drone documentary, artificial intelligent robot interviews.

Take short video as an example, which is divided into short documentary, net red IP type, scenario, skill sharing type, creative clip, hand-sharing, wonderful pieces, etc. What are the properties of these content products? Can it constitute a work in the sense of copyright law? This requires professionals’ analysis, but work attributes such as artificial intelligence and drone participate in the creation of works have controversial in theory and practice.

Second, copyright rights of copyright rights are complex. Media integration makes works in different forms, via different media, which may lead to a large number of subjects and legal relationships.

If the works of different expressions such as text, pictures, audio, videos are produced and propagated by different subjects, which requires clarity of rights, obligations, and boundaries of each subject, otherwise it may lead to complexity of copyright belonging and copyright utilization. .

In addition, the wide spread of UGC will also cause unknown copyright owners.

If the media uses UGC to process, edit, produce corresponding news, and its copyright belongs need to be further clear. Again, copyright infringement is hidden. In the media era, the copyright infringement is more concealed, uncertain due to the difficulty, easy to spread and infringement evidence. At the same time, due to the diversity of media propagation, the face-to-face rights object is not just newspapers, journals, etc., but millions of WeChat public accounts, clients, applets and other Internet vectors. Finally, copyright protection is insufficient.

With the development of the media, partial media platforms are in order to enrich the content, pursue "partism", and use others without authorization licenses.

Some traditional media have undergone copyright in content production and communication, leaving a lot of copyright hazards.

For example, when making content, use your own "stock" material, network material or other external material, but no copyright inspection and authentication of these materials, which leads to unintentional copyright infringement.

How to solve how to strengthen copyright protection in the media integration process, the author considers the following points to refer to: Improve relevant copyright legislation. In the construction and development of media, news aggregation is a typical way of operation. If the aggregated news is a news that is protected by the Copyright Law, it is necessary to identify whether such aggregation behavior constitutes information network propagation of the work. In this regard, my country’s current "copyright law" has not clearly stated that there are also different judgments in practice. Therefore, legislation is required to be further clear.

In addition, the reprint of massive works in the media fusion also needs to construct a licensing mechanism for works that are suitable for the development needs of the media.

Standardize the behavior of the cultural media platform. The administration of the government should give full play to the guidance and supervision functions. On the one hand, copyright education is carried out on the integration of media platform and its content providers, and also promotes the role of the media industry association, strengthens the self-discipline of the media industry, and enhances the awareness of copyright industries. On the other hand, guide the establishment of a media resource share System or Mixing Media Copyright Alliance provides more powerful support for copyright legal utilization and copyright rights protection. In addition, the government should strengthen supervision and investigate the copyright infringement of the media platform to better maintain the legitimate interests of the copyright owners.

Enhance the ability to integrate media copyright management.

First, the media platform should strengthen the construction of the copyright talent team, enrich internal copyright talent reserves, and focus on improving the professionalism and comprehensive ability of copyright staff.

Second, build a copyright management system. Since the copyright management agency, copyright management system, copyright management process, copyright cultural culture, establishment of copyright management system covering content and resource management, copyright inspection and authentication, copyright protection and trade. Enhance copyright management capabilities and operational levels, carry out copyright inspections and authentication work, with contractual methods, clear the rights, obligations and responsibilities of all parties in the media communication, and improve copyright authorization mechanisms and interest sharing mechanisms.

At the same time, the value of copyright assets is mostly targeted, enhance copyright operating level and ability, and drive copyright assets to improve copyright assets. (The author is a professor of the Dean of Chongqing University of Technology, Chongqing Intellectual Property College (Editor: Song Xin Rui, Yan Shuai) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.