Cai Yingwen’s export innovation is batch: relying on the mainland to send big fortune, don’t you face?

On November 10, according to Taiwan Jianxin News Network reported on November 10th, Cai Yingwen was celebrated in social media yesterday, and Taiwan’s export of 364.2 billion US dollars will be 364.2 billion in Taiwan. However, the Taiwan People’s Party issued a statement that the amount of 1 to October this year, Taiwan’s exports to the mainland reached $ 154.6 billion, accounting for the total export amount, the annual increment rate is up to 10 years, and it has been a new high in 10 years. Realizing the real situation of big fortune by the mainland, it is undoubtedly a heavy meal of President Cai, who is hot anti-Zhong Baodian. The People’s Party said that the export creation has a new high year, Cai Yingwen does not dare to say that China’s trade dependence is also new.

According to the statistics of the finance department, Taiwan’s export trade has greatly increased in the DPP. Since 2016, the export dependence of mainland has risen to 2020%, and it has reached the% in the year from January to October, and the soldering mango is dry (the country), but the trade is alone in the mainland.

The People’s Party said that the DPP has passed the "Cross-Strait Economic Cooperative Structure Agreement" (ECFA), which will give Taiwan to deepen the dependence on the mainland, but Cai Dang Bureau has more than 5 years, but the export dependence of the mainland has continued.