Chen Maobo, Hong Kong Financial Secretary: Hong Kong Guoan Law Implementation Obstead Optimize Social Role

People’s Network News Hong Kong Financial Secretary Chen Maobo issued an article entitled "Maintaining Hong Kong’s stable and prosperity".

The article pointed out that the establishment of the Guoan Law in Hong Kong is to maintain the security of the country, and protect the security of Hong Kong society, provide a safe and stable environment, so that Hong Kong continues to prosper development. The original text is as follows: a stable environment is the premise of the prosperity of economies; good security is the elements of the citizens.

The unique arrangement of "one country, two systems", so that Hong Kong can have highly flexible space within the country and operate in another system. The establishment of the Hong Kong Guoan Law is to maintain the security of the country, and protect the security of Hong Kong society, provide a safe and stable environment, so that Hong Kong continues to prosper development.

Since the implementation of the Hong Kong National Security Law, Hong Kong’s financial market has maintained smooth and orderly operation.

The exchange rate of Hong Kong dollars is stable and deflected towards the power level.

The banking system has no obvious signs of funds; The stock market trading is active and orderly, the market responds to a series of open-stock fund-raising activities. Recently, we have expired in different institutions in the financial market, and many markets said that Hong Kong Guohang Law has helped Hong Kong business environment to respond to safe and orderly, which is critical to Hong Kong’s sustainable development as an international financial center.

Given the Hong Kong Guoan Law is a newly established important law, individual financial institutions have expressed some attention on their applicability, I want to focus here. First, the Hong Kong Guohang Law is just the four types of intentional drawings to seriously endanger national security, and will not affect financial market operations and legally operated financial institutions and marketers. Hong Kong Guoan Law does not affect relevant agencies and people to engage in normal business, participate in market activities or allocate capital, and will not hinder their frequently handling their own materials and data, collect or distribute information, business research and analysis or comments, more It does not affect its normal exchange activities with individuals or institutions of any local or field. In other words, as long as the financial industry continues to operate normally under the framework of Hong Kong’s current law, their business operation will be all as usual.

Hong Kong is a freedom and diverse society. As an international financial center, Hong Kong’s successful construction is based on a good rule of law, information and capital free circulation, speech and publication freedom. Hong Kong Guoan Law maintains these important value to ensure long-term prosperity in Hong Kong. I particularly hope that the central government and the SAR government have repeatedly guaranteed that the implementation of the Guoan Law in Hong Kong will not affect the rights and freedoms of Hong Kong, in accordance with basic law and the rights and freedoms applicable to Hong Kong; Hong Kong Guohang Law will not affect Hong Kong’s judicial Independence and the principle of rule of law; the purpose of the Governing Hong Kong Guohang is to maintain the "one country, two systems". Hong Kong’s highly autonomous, legal system, capitalist system and legitimate rights and interests of foreign investors remain unchanged; Hong Kong Guoan Law will not change the currency and financial system of Hong Kong. Hong Kong will continue to control the exchange rate system and allow capital free circulation by the Basic Law.

I also went to the Xinjinjin Administration, the Securities Regulatory Commission, the Insurance Regulatory Bureau and the MPF Authority on Friday, and proposed the above points, and asked them to explain their holders, responding to the industry’s attention.

The SAR Government has firm determination and abilities. Under the support of the state, we maintain long-term prosperity and stability in Hong Kong.

We will continue to provide a world-class business environment and regulatory architecture, which makes investors can operate in Hong Kong.

I am convinced that over time and the efforts of all parties, the facts will prove that the national security, prosperity and stability, the three elements of the market vitality can be taken into account, so that the business of Hong Kong business is a more solid operation foundation, more A wide range of development space.

As the "one country, two systems" even without a precedent, it can be implemented in Hong Kong, let us have "a country’s profit, two systems", and can grasp the Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macau Dawan District and the continuous reform and opening up in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau Huge opportunities.

In the past few years, Hong Kong has been steadily developed and strived to grasp the opportunity. The violent impact on the second half of last year severely hindered the pace of development in Hong Kong.

The implementation of the Hong Kong Guoan Law has clearly played the role of stabilizing society, and the market needs time adaptation is understandable.

As for the so-called sanctions in the United States, although there are some doubts of the market, the essence of the economic economy is limited.

Despite this, the United States has serious violations of international law and international relations basic guidelines. In our country, it is often highly safe, but it is not allowed to legally guarantee its safety and equity, which is a typical double standard and hegemonism, which is resolute. be opposed to.

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