Construction Bank, such as Hao Duo, a successful launch of Rugao City Talent Comprehensive Subsidament

A few days ago, China Construction Bank Rugao Dowing and Rugao City Bureau officially reached a comprehensive subsidy of talents. From the end of this year, the city’s full-time undergraduate to employment or entrepreneurial subsidy fund will be issued through the construction bank social security card financial account. At the beginning of July this year, in order to encourage full-time undergraduate graduates to return to the entrepreneurship, specialized in the promotion of talent reward subsidy rewards, will be the first time after January 1, 2019, in Rugao City Enterprise Graduates give comprehensive subsidies.

After understanding this situation, CCB Rugao Guardu New Life will take the leader to establish a special service work group, and communicate with the Rugao City and related departments. On the basis of full understanding, it has customized personalized services. plan. In the end, if the branch of the competition in many banks stood out, with professional services, enthusiasm attitudes and personalized service programs successfully reached a cooperation intention, becoming the only generation of social security cards for a social security card for social security cards. issued.

Talent Comprehensive Subsidies are concentrated once a year, and the normal issuance time is the year in December. The funds are in the issuance, adopting the "bank straight hair" mode, point-to-point to the subsidy target personal construction bank account.

In 2021, it is expected that the number of newly added rewards in the city is about 400 people, and the amount is about 6 million.

The prosperity of the city is inseparable from the support of talents. The distribution of talents will be in the past to attract more college students to employ employment, inject new vitality and new kinetic energy for urban development.

Next, the construction bank will closely cooperate closely with the Municipal People’s Social Security Bureau to ensure that each subsidy fund is accurate and rapidly distributed, and the "new financial" development concept is guided, relying on the powerful financial strength to help government building talents. Highland, promoting the high quality of Rugao.

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