Artificial breeding Phone Peony Parrot When

  On November 30, Nanchang Yinshi was sentenced to the prosecution in the sale of artificial breeding of Peony Parrot, and the couple received the book without sued.

  On December 2, the State Forestry and Grassland Bureau sent a letter to the Market Supervision, General Administration of Supervision, clearly stated that artificially breed Phone Parrot is a wildlife product that implements special identification management, which is a wildlife that allows for sale.

  Since then, whether the artificial breeding Fethe Peony Parrot can be legally sold, the judiciary and the administrative department have a clear answer, that is, the artificial breeding of the dedicated logo management can be sold.

However, in actual operation, the e-commerce platform still rejects such compliance parrots on sale. The owner sells Fei’s peony parrot by the arrested breeding household. In September 20, 2020, the Shanxi couple in Nanchang, Jiangxi, were taken away by the forest public security. The reason is that there are 77 Fisher’s parrots in the store. sell. The family of the Song’s couple said that these parrots were the goods from the bird merchants before the case, and they did not know that the Peony Parrot belongs to the national secondary protected animals. On October 16, the Chung’s couple was arrested for illegal acquisition, transportation, and sold precious and endangered wild animal crimes.

According to media reports, in accordance with the judicial explanation at the time, the couple may face the ten-year sentence.

The case has caused a wide range of controversy at the time, and the Sherian Parrot sold by the Shan’s couple is artificially breed, and the number of breeding is large. Can it be considered precious, endangered, wild animals December 24, the highest law, the highest test The Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Justice issued the "Guidance Opinions on the Crime of Punishing Illegal Wildlife Trading according to law", indicating that the animal should consider whether the animals involved in the case of manual breeding and species should be considered when it identifies whether to constitute a crime and the punishment penalty. , Wild survival, artificial breeding, etc.

According to the criminal criminal standards, it can be properly processed according to the facts of the case, the degree of plot and social harm.

  Just when the case is suspended, more than 70 parrots in Henan Shangqiu farming base are also taken away by the police, and they are taken to take care of the trial. Birds have not dare to enter the fisherd peony parrot, and many farmers are sold in 3 yuan a pair of prices. Parrots can’t be sold, the farmers have a heavy loss, some parrots are starved, and they are still dead after death. Introduction to farmers, in the late 1980s, the villagers in Shangqiu, Henan Province, introduced Fethers Peony Parrot to Beijing, and now it has passed to the second generation and third generation. According to statistics, there were 837 domestic farmers at the time, and there were 1220,000 small-scale ornamental parrots. Most of them were the Patt Parrot, the column accounted for 90% of the total number of nations. The graceful zone of the trieman of the judicial field has been clearly available to sell Phonetian parrot from Africa, which belongs to the species of "Endangered Wildlife Plant International Trade Convention (Appendix II)", national secondary protected animals . However, the Peony parrot of Fetwar has been introduced by China Hong Kong from China in the 1980s. After more than 30 years of artificial breeding, there is already a huge artificial breeding population, which has become a large people in the family. In 2003, the former National Forestry Bureau issued the "Notice on the list of fifty-four kinds of landless wildlife, which" Mali, which is the mature of domestic operation and reproduction technology, "which clear the training and reproduction of small ornamental parrots and other small ornamental parrots. There is a legal basis for trading, which also promotes the development of local parrot breeding in Shangqiu. However, the original national forestry has waived the above notice in 2012, which leads to the Fetice Peony Parrot "White Turn Black", returning from the commercial domesticated and breeding wildlife to endangered wildlife species. Article 28 of the Wildlife Protection Law of the Wildlife Protection Law in January 1, 2017, artificially breeding technology matures the artificial population of wild animals, no longer listed in the national key to protect wildlife lists, implement different management measures with field populations. .

  The introduction of these documents, which allows artificially breed Phke’s peony parrot in the blurred zone in the judicial field.

  "Parrot case" leads to parrot, more than 800 farmers in Shangqiu is damaged. The local authorities attach great importance to the research of farmers, and report issues to national forestry and grassland bureaus. In order to solve the problem, the national forestry grassland issued a letter to the Henan Provincial Forestry Bureau on April 2, 2021, "Letter on Proper Solving Artificial Breeding Parrot" The cheek tapep parrot, the artificial breeding activities of the monk parrot should be used to obtain artificial breeding licenses according to law, and the dedicated identification of the person-made, source legal parrot is launched, and the logo is sold, transported. The parrot is allowed to be sold in accordance with the law, and the parrot is allowed to be sold in accordance with the law. After the online store, the shelves of the peony parrot was refused to broadcast this parrot, and after the letter was banned. After the letter of the National Forest Herb Office, Shangqiu farmers licked the artificial breeding license, and also put the foot ring for each parrot. There is a dedicated identification of the national forest grass, with a foot ring, prove that the parrot is a legitimate artificial breeding parrot.

  After half a year after the letter issued, the business of farmers has begun to gradually be normal, and the birds and men are dare to purchase from their hands. However, it did not think that sales on the network have encountered hindrances.

  According to Shangqiu farmers, they usually sell mainly two channels – wholesale lenders, retail, and retail. Since the "parrot case" occurs, the retail channel on the network is sealed.

Although the National Forest Herb Office issued a letter in April, it is still unable to go to the fidel peony parrot on Taobao, spelling more websites.

  Not only online stores can’t be on the shelves. When they live broadcast in the e-commerce platform, the title cannot be hit "Phonatoo Parrot", even in the mouth, "Phone Parrot" or "Phono Peony", live broadcast It will be banned immediately. During this process, the live broadcast of the farmer has been banned many times, and some online stores have been sealed for half a year. Beijing Youth Daily reporters search for "Fischer Peony Parrot" on, the page shows that there is clear legal provisions, prohibiting killing national focus protection wild animals, prohibiting selling, acquisitioning national level protection wildlife. "We don’t understand, there is no way in the line and the line," the farmers are in the air, and began to reflect the matter to the relevant departments of the local government, hoping to intervene.

  Tracking the National Forest Herb Office to the Internet Supervisor of the New Regulations, the network platforms such as Taobao will not be able to put the shelves have farmers. The document is the national forestry grass to the Henan Forest Herb Office. Does this document only Henan Province entered into force, in other parts of the country, when you are waiting for the solution, Jiangxi "Nanchang Parrot case" issued no prosecution decision, which allows the farmers to oscillate. Shortly, they got a letter from the State Forestra Bureau to the State Market Supervision Administration. The letter issued on December 2, 2021, and the second "Wildlife Type" currently allowed sales in the letter: It is necessary to sell, purchase, and use other countries to protect the terrestrial wild animals and their products. Attachment of the provincial wildlife protection authority or its authorization agency according to the corresponding approval instrument, or a dedicated identification of the dedicated identification, the wildlife products managed by the dedicated identity are detailed in Annex 2.

  In Annex 2 of the letter, it is clearly listed that the artificially breed Phone Peony Parrot is "the wildlife products that implement special identification management", and in the relevant basis, it is indicated by the National Forest Herring in April 2021. File. "This is a letter from the National Forestra Bureau to the State Market Supervision, General Administration, which is gapped nationwide.

"The farmers are pleased to take the picture of the Pattarrot Parrot again to try to go online, but still can’t put the shelves.

  Beiqing reporter has consulted this home customer service, customer service indicates that Peony parrot can be placed, but the Phonetian parrot cannot be placed because it is a national protected animal.

  Beiqing reporter told Taobao merchant customer service to the Document content of the National Forestra Bureau, customer service expressed the issue of this issue, and answers from relevant business units.

  On December 11th, the reporter received Taobao’s reply was: Feedback Business Department, Fethers Peony Parrot belongs to endangered animals, and is not allowed to be sold on Taobao, even if you have a sales sales, it is not supported. Taobao sales, your sale needs to be accepted underline supervision.

(Reporter Zhang Ziyuan) Edited:.