419 people representatives recommended that all of them were completed, and see if you care about it.

Extreme Journalist Li Qing November 17th, the fourth meeting of the 14th National People’s Congress of Wuhan, held that the meeting heard and considers the Wuhan Municipal People’s Government on the sixth meeting of the 14th National People’s Congress of Wuhan. The report is reported.

The extreme news reporter has discovered that, in the past year, Wuhan system has high efficiently handled 419 representatives, including 13 political construction classes, 186 economic construction classes, 19 cultural construction, 181 social construction classes, ecological civilization construction Part.

According to reports, each proposed organizer communicate with the representative, comment on the opinions, and the representative of the Standing Committee of the Wuhan Municipal People’s Congress to apply for work feedback, satisfaction rate is 100%. At the end of the year, he completed the Ten Lakes and returned the lake job. The "Suggestions on the Implementation Reconstruction of Hankou" and the recommendations of the Hankou Historical Style of Guo Gang, etc., "" " World-class landscape suggestion " This year, Wuhan City promoted the construction of Baili Changjiang Ecological Corridor, and five project main projects such as Hanjiang Hanyang Jiang Beach have been completed, continue to implement lake ecological repair protection and comprehensive improvement project, complete Liangzi Lake (including Niu Mountain Lake), ax lake East Lake retreats (Tian, ??fishing) also work, it is expected that the top ten lakes in the first ten lakes will be completed; promote the quality of green and green, 736 hectares, 74 parks, 84 kilometers of greenways, Tree planting wasteland. In the past year, Wuhan has struggled to speed up the construction of transportation, the four-ring line traffic, Wu Da Expressway, Wuyang Expressway, the second phase of the filial piety and the second phase accelerated, Shuangliu Changjiang Bridge, Wu Tian Expressway, Wu Song Expressway, Tianhe Airport T2 Terminal Reconstruction, etc. The previous period of the project has achieved breakthroughs; Erqi Road passes through Jiangtong Road, Baishazhou Avenue Rapidization and other project construction construction, rail transit line 5, No. 6 line 2, and line 16 through the line. More than 180,000 new market mains surrounded the "Suggestions on Strengthening Effective Rule of Rule of Law and Comprehensive Promotion of Rule of Rule of Law", Li Yan’s representatives of the "Suggestions on Opening an International Trade Comprehensive Information Inquiry Platform", and Yang Shuping 60 recommendations for 60 recommendations such as sustained optimization business environment comprehensive enhancement of enterprises, and relevant departments will continue to optimize the business environment as the number one project.

Wuhan has the best standards for domestic advanced cities, and conducts approval process for more than 2,40 key matters. It realizes direct calls of 80,000 million license materials. 5,480 application materials are directly "hard reduction", and the government service matters have an average time limit. The number of running, the application materials, and the processes of the proceedings, the sections, the second, the second, and the promotion of 107 "one thing", more than 140 "all-time", 106 Wuhan City Circle "Circle" 124 "cross-booked" in the middle of the Yangtze River in the middle of the Yangtze River. At the same time, the company implements the "210" standard, deepening the separation reform, and promoting the certificate of proof and the business license of the relevant business license to inform the commitment system, the new market main body, the year-on-year increase. The newly reconstructed rural road is 223 kilometers from the "proposal to accelerate the construction of the rural", "the proposal of the construction of the" cooperative construction ", and Yuan Huiwen, etc. 15 suggestions such as the "Suggestions on Key to Building a Beautiful Village Ecotourism Scenic Scenic Area" proposed by Fen Representatives, and Wuhan accelerate the development of modern agriculture and promoted urban and rural integration development. This year, Wuhan new certification "two products a standard" agricultural product 46, new national key leading enterprises, built into five cultural circular ecological farming communities, Huangyi District, the national leisure agriculture key county, Mulan Township Shuangquan Village Favorites China’s beautiful leisure countryside.

Formulate 11 major functional platforms and results transformation projects such as Wuhan Farming Center Construction Program and Shuangli Source. Promoting the "vegetable basket" to improve the extension, the area of ??the facilities, the area of ??vegetables reached 1.8 million mu, and the pig reservoir reached 1.21 million, and the freshwater product production reached 10,000 tons, and the self-sufficiency%.

Vigorously develop a block economy, build 10 projects such as "One Street Yipin", Mulanhua Township and other 10 projects to create a new round of municipal urban pastoral complex. This year, Wuhan has vigorously promoted the construction of "four good rural roads", and newly rebuilt rural roads. Implement the beautiful rural three-year action plan, implement the "polishing small town" to build a beautiful town action, comprehensively promote the beautiful rural demonstration belt, beautiful rural demonstration village bay construction.

For 2073 elderly people, the "Suggestions on Deepening the Experience", and the "Suggestion", which are proposed to deepen the experience of the grassroots governance demonstration zone, "on the promotion of the old community" proposed for the "Suggestions of Deepening the Experience", Kang Chun and other representatives. " Quality Suggestions, Liu Wei’s representative of the "proposal to the community’s grassroots reduction", and Wuhan have vigorously develop social undertakings, and effectively enhance people’s livelihood well-being. Up to now, the stable post has been returned to the fund billion, and the online online recruitment activities have been organized 598 games.

Implementation of the stage to reduce unemployment insurance rate policies, help companies reduce the billions of dollars, issue employment difficult staff flexible employment social insurance subsidies for hundreds of millions. Promote the employment of key groups, the city’s urban new employment is 10,000, the employment difficult person is employed, the unemployed personnel will be employed, and the college students have returned 240,000.

Implement the professional skills improvement actions to complete the employment training. Improve major disease medical insurance and assistance system, medical assistance difficulties, hundreds of millions of people. Urban and rural residents’ basic pensions were raised from 298 yuan per person to 307 yuan per person, new construction, raising rental housing (room), 134 new community pension service centers (station), Rural Seniors Mutual Acquisition Center (Service point) 340. Carry out old-age modifications in the elderly, and completed 2073 households.