China Battlefire Reduces Shanxi remains unbeaten

  Original title: China Battlefire Redurate Shanxi Heavy Heavy June 27th, 2021 Chinese Football Class B League War Renang. In the eighth round of the first phase, Shanxi Longjin team continued the unbeaten record of this season.

  On June 15th, after the end of the seventh round of the first phase, the Chinese B league entered a 10-day haunting period. Shanxi Longjin team head coach Zhou Lin said: "The team has summarized some questions during this time, and we are full of confidence for the first game of the second cycle (ie the eighth round).

"On June 27th, China’s League war rejuvenated, in the first stage of the eighth round, Shanxi Longjin team met again in Hebei Kung Fu team.

The first round of the season, the Shanxi Longjin team took the lead in getting the ball, eventually with the opponent 1 to 1, harvested the first part of the season. Yesterday, the second team of two teams, Shanxi Longjin team did not let victory "slip away" from his hands. At the 31st minute of the competition, Yu Xueyi attacked the penalty, and the Shanxi Longjin team got ahead.

The whole half competition, Shanxi Longjin team is like tide, and there is another shot hitting the door column.

  The second half competition, Shanxi Longjin team strategic contraction, put the main energy in the defensive end, waiting for quick counterattack.

This tactics is quite effective. While the Radio line is firm, Shanxi Longjin team has received at least two excellent breaking opportunities in the counterattack, but unfortunately, the team members have to improve the opportunity to improve, and they have not converted into goals.

  After this battle, Shanxi Longjin team ranked first in 8 teams in Guizhou Division in 5 wins and 3. "I hope to be able to make each next ball.

"Shanxi Longjin team captain Yan Weijie said," We will reward the leaders and fans of the team with the best results.

"Interestingly, the European Cup knockout stage competition is also started with June 27.

For the top feast of this world football, Zhou Lin said that the team did not organize the attack, "the game is too late, affecting the rest." He said. (Reporter Yang Hull).