College enhanced needle inoculation on-site warmth

  Recently, all major universities in Beijing have opened the strengthening of immunization, and a series of warm-hearted initiatives have also been successively launched.

  Yesterday (16th), the Graduate School of China University of Political Science and Law opened the strengthening of immunization.

Early in the morning, students rose the long team in front of the teaching building, waiting inoculate inoculation.

The big speaker of the door is playing warm reminder: "Students who have not eaten breakfast, then inoculate, please scan the code, please scan the code, please throw into the trash …" Into the inoculation site, informed consent district, inoculate The area of ??the area, the logo of the levy area is clear; the narrow channels are on both sides of the channel, the volunteers wearing red vest are providing guidance and answering services for teachers and students inoculating the enhanced needles.

In the league area in the league area, two calf played the handsome "Standing on the blackboard, behind the big" 30 minutes ", and still painted a full love. The deputy dean of the school is introduced by the deputy dean, which is the school’s landmark mascot "Pioneer Cow".

"In addition, the school also prepares hot water, candy and other intimate foods for inoculars, while providing an epidemic prevention item such as disinfection wipes and masks.

  In the Capital University of Economics and Trade University, new crown vaccine reinforced needle inoculation is also carried out in an orderly manner. "Classmates, drink some hot water, help to promote metabolism, speed up cycle.

"A volunteer wearing a blue vest will give a cup of hot water to a classmate who just vaccinated the vaccination.

After the volunteers, it was the hot water prepared by the post-secondary teachers and students who vaccinated the vaccine on the same day, filled with more than 10 warm pots, bringing warmth for the winter vaccination site.

(Intern) (original title: Wenshui plus "warm mascot" college strengthening the inoculation of the on-site warmth).