Before the new crown vaccine, parents should remember to bring a good child a certificate, ID card

Original title: Before hitting new crown vaccine, parents should remember to bring a good time to charge, the ID card Huaihe Road Bohai Community Health Service Center, some parents in consulting new crown vaccination.

  The Dahe Net, Dahe Daily, Lu Gao, in recent, has launched a new crown vaccination of 3 to 11 years old in the country. Since November, Zhengzhou City will also carry out the new crown vaccination of 3 to 11-year-old group, and there is no contraindicated crowd should pick up and should be admitted. Yesterday, when the reporter visited the Community Health Service Center, it was found that the new crown vaccination in Zhengzhou 3 to 11-year-old group was in order. The person who came to vaccinated was not a lot, but the vaccine was prepared enough, and the parents of the on-site consultation problem were more.

  In the order of the community inoculation, the parent consultation problem is more yesterday morning, the reporter rushed to the Wulong Community Health Service Center near Zhengzhou Cotton Bridge.

  After scanning code, after the temperature is measured, the second floor plan is immunologies, and the reporter notes that there is more conventional immunization children in situ. On-site inquiries 3 to 11 year old children’s new crown vaccine inoculation, even the phone call is not stopping, all when consulting new crown vaccines to play, when it comes to problems. "Little grandson goes to school, I am specializing in urging new crown vaccination.

"A 60-year-old man, holding a handbag, specializing in the community health service center staff," Some grandson will get out of school, if you don’t get off here, take him over. "In the community health service center, the reporter saw that the new crown vaccine has a special refrigerator storage, and it is placed in parallel. According to the plan, Li Qiaohui, the first day of the first day, the Erqi District CDC specializes in meeting, How many kindergartens, primary and junior high schools in the jurisdiction are reported, so that the state is purchased.

Due to the school student at the same day, there are more people consulting at the scene, and the child’s health can come over and inocate. Li Qiaohui said that they advocated 3 to 11 years old children to vaccinate as soon as possible, children are a group life in schools, and vaccination new crown vaccines is also an important means to prevent disease spread. The new crown vaccine is prepared, weekend or ushered in the peak period, the reporter rushed to the Huaihe Road Bohai Community Health Service Center. It is also more parents who consult new crown vaccines, but there are 3d to 11-year-old people to start vaccination of new crown vaccines. According to the staff here, there are five or six children in the morning to vaccinate new crown vaccines.

  At a cold chamber of a cold chamber, the reporter saw that the vaccine was also stored in a dedicated refrigerator.

When the community health service center staff, Hu Qiju reported that the current 3 ~ 11-year-old new crown vaccine is produced in Beijing Cozhong Zhongwei, and the batch number of Zhengzhou should be 20210805K. Hu Qiuju is both a Huaihe Road, the Huaihai Community Health Service Center, plans to immunize medical staff, and a mother of two children. The big is a daughter, 10 years old this year.

A little son, 4 years old. On November 2nd, she received two children to vaccinate new crown vaccines after breakfast. "Two children are using a vaccine, do not delay my school." Hu Qiusi told reporters that she had more people with children, she had previously inoculated, and the beginning of the child can play, and the child is from small to big I didn’t have adverse reactions, "I have been vaccinated to new crown vaccines, so I have been vaccinated, I will come back to eat at noon, and the child does not have any abnormalities." However, in the afternoon, the new crown vaccination in the afternoon is in the morning. At 1 o’clock in the afternoon, the Community Health Service Center has not yet goes to work, and the previous scene has already been raised. Hu Qiuju said that the community health service center vaccine is fully prepared, which is expected to usher in the peak period this weekend. While preventing vaccination work, she suggested that the peak vaccination, while doing personal protection, try to avoid the piles.

  What questions should I pay attention to as a parent vaccination? So what do you need to bring when you take a child vaccination? What questions should I pay attention to? Li Qiao will introduce, children’s guardians need to understand new crown pneumonia diseases and new crown virus vaccination related knowledge, bring a certificate, ID card (or housekeeping book), so big data can be found; avoid your child’s empty stomach before inoculating, Remind the child to wear loose clothes on the same day. Given the 3 to 11-year-old age group belongs to the minor, there is no comprehensive civil capacity, and the child’s physical health can be vaccinated under normal circumstances. The new crown vaccine needs the accompanying guardian. When inoculation, the child is in full care, and pay attention to keep the distance from one meter and wear a mask. After inocation, you need to stay at the site for 30 minutes. If you are discomfort, please contact the site staff in time.

  Inocation, the new crown vaccine cannot be across the region if the child is playing in other communities, then can you vaccinate cross-regional? "The vaccination cannot be cross-regions in principle, there are special circumstances, but it will increase our workflow, waiting time will be a little longer.

"Hu Qiuju told reporters that in fact, in terms of principles, it is necessary to go to the child’s vaccination unit, because the information is in, such words are not downloaded in different places, which is much more convenient, and the registration time is shortened.

In addition, it is necessary to guardigulate, informed, consent, and voluntary, to inoculate the vaccine, and accurately register your child’s school. So, I also remind you that it is now authentication of the name. When you register new crown vaccine, you need to register your child and your parents’ ID number. At least one, if you can provide the best of the two people.

  Relevant experts said that children’s vaccination new crown vaccine can effectively reduce the risk of incidence, severe and death; on the other hand, an immunization barrier can be established in a child population, blocking new crown viruses.

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