Brewing beer is also a class in Shaanxi, a university, a special course is high – News

[Abstract] Brewing beer is also a class student attempting to brew beer recently, and a special video of a beer brewing professional video is hot.

The students can not only learn the beer, but also taste the beer made by man.

On November 12th, Sanqin Metropolis Daily reporters came to Shaanxi University of Science and Technology.

For the major school students of Shaanxi University of Science and Technology, Tian Gui Rui said, "Going to laboratory to do beer" is the most expectation. This course has a beer brewing experiment, once the student is selected as one of the "most memorable courses".

On the morning, Tian Guorui and another more than a dozen students walked into the fermentation product training center of Food and Biological Engineering, Shaanxi University of Science and Technology. There is also another brand in this center – Shaanxi University of Science and Technology Sprinkler Research Institute.

The responsible teacher said that in 2013, the course is in 2013, the original intention is to have a place to practice. "From malt to glycalation, from filtration, boil to turn the radiant, then from cooling to fermentation, the complete beer process is done again. Therefore, this course is strictly in our teaching work. Process course experiment and practice The link.

"The reporter saw the jar of 8 stainless steel materials at the site, where the sugar chemical section was composed of two duplex devices of the saccharification, and the fermentation section consists of 6 500L fermenters. It takes 21 -28 days, after the wheat juice enters the tank, students can choose different stages, and the taste is definitely different. In addition, different raw materials ratios and saccharification processes, different types of yeast brewed beer taste is different.

Some ester incense is highlighted, some malt is rich, some nuts are obvious, very interesting.

It is fun to take care of the intelligence, and it is interesting to have fun.

So what should this class? Responsible for the teacher, it is concluded from the "time performance + experimental results + closed toll test results".

"The main assessment of book knowledge is the content of" Wine Technology ". The experimental session requires students to abide by the laboratory rules and regulations, according to the experimental outline process, according to the designed process route, the experiment is rigorous.

In the process, teachers will observe the performance of each classmate and combine the experimental report comprehensive score. "Is it possible to sell outside? Is responsible for the teacher say that this is just a practical practice, and it will not be sold out.

At the same time, teachers often receive calls from all over the country, hoping to come here to visit.

"The venue is limited, we prefer the students ‘students’ teaching needs.

Source: Sanqin Metropolis Daily.