As long as you play, you will be beautiful. Wang Meng: Life is to live your own wonderful

People’s Network Beijing November 26 (Reporter Yang Lei) "Life is to live out his own wonderful, his beautiful." Recently, on the "People’s Seoul" section of the People’s Network, the Winter Olympics champion Wang Meng talks about how Carrying forward the spirit of the Olympic Games, showing sports charm, spreading the topic of ice and snow movement, sharing your understanding of the Olympic spirit.

Wang Meng as the four gold medal winners of the Short Road Skating Project in Winter Olympics, and there have been countless highlights in the field.

She has a deep understanding of the Olympic spirit and "pretty".

Wang Meng recalled her scene when he participated in the 500-meter game of Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010. In the final, because someone rushed, the game took four runs smoothly.

Wang Meng recalled: "Everyone is very nervous at the Finals of the Olympic Games.

It is an eye-catching that every athlete shoulder, and it is more robust to the psychological quality.

Everyone remembers may be the celebration after the victory, but it is because I have a good result in front of it. "For how to maintain a good mentality under pressure, Wang Meng said:" This is from two aspects, one is the confidence of the accumulation in our usual training, the second is to face the willpower and spiritual power in the face of difficulties, I have Winning confidence, no matter how many times will be affected. In the exercise career, I said the most sentence is that when I have the opportunity to wear a national flag, when I stand on the international stadium, my goal is to upgrade the national flag, play the national anthem, this is my mission.

"In the end, the Chinese team won the women’s short track speed and smooth 4 projects in Vancouver Winter Olympics.

Wang Meng said that as a athlete, as long as the game is beautiful, not only is beautiful, but also won beautiful. During the show, Wang Meng also recalled the journey of the heart after leaving the game.

Just in the distance of the Sochi Winter Olympics from 2014, Wang Meng was injured in a training and missed the game.

Since then, she gradually stayed away from the venue, but Wang Meng has not left her loved ice and snow movement. She has served as the main coach of the short-track national team, and often participated in various charity activities and actively promotes the ice and snow movement. Wang Meng said that from the athlete to the coach, the identity is different, but the responsibility has never changed, and the ice and snow movement can be promoted. She said: "Especially in the 2022 Winter Olympics is held in our country, each of us is the host of the host, should talk about China’s story, let the world see our Chinese culture, see Chinese people love for sports For the love of ice and snow. There is not only the stadium in life. Maybe every profession is home. In every process of life, you must take every step, and you will show your most beautiful side. .

"For how to understand the Olympic spirit, Zhu Siyuan, general manager of the Olympic Marketing Marketing, who participates in the program, said that P & G is a global partner of the International Olympic Committee, and the International Olympic Committee has more than 20 years of cooperation." We feel the Olympic spirit In addition to faster, higher, stronger – more united, representing a spirit of full, never-ending. "Zhu Siyuan believes that P & G will help every beautiful in the field and the Olympic spirit height," We think the spirit of the Olympic Games is not only on the field, but also in everyone’s life.

Therefore, we hope to bring the spirit of the Olympic Games to everyone in every day, I hope that every person will be beautiful. "Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics is increasingly approaching," the solemn commitment "to participate in the ice and snow movement" is gradually achieved.

According to Zhu Siyuan, P & G’s products have become the official washing product of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, which will provide health, professional, safety, and intimate service for Beijing Winter Olympics. At the same time, this year is a 25th anniversary of P & G and Hope Engineering Cooperation. P & G also brought the ice and snow movement to more than 200 hopes in the country.

In addition, Zhu Siyuan said: "We hope to recruit 2022 charm of Winter Olympics, and promote Winter Olympics to the public together, let everyone know more about the Winter Olympics, encourage everyone to participate in the snow sports together.

"As a beautiful helper group in the action of the charm of Winter Olympics, Wang Meng said:" I think the beautiful help ambassador is particularly taking, and it is beautiful, it is beautiful. I am in the field of sports, I have to talk about the story of Chinese sports, people in all walks of life should talk about Chinese stories in their respective fields to show Chinese culture. No matter where, what kind of career, life is to live out your own wonderful, your beautiful.

"Finally, Wang Meng shared some experience of participating in the ice and snow, she said that before participating in the movement, we must master the basic knowledge, then gradually improve the difficulty, safe and scientifically participate in the ice and snow. (Responsible: Li Nanhua , Lu Wei) Share let more people see the recommended reading.